Having sold my Macbook to a help pay for medical bills and also to prepare for the eventual shift to an iMac has taught me some things. I have a Dell laptop that I was using because one on my online classes would not run on OSX on the Mac. I bought the Dell instead of getting VM Ware and a copy of Windows for the Mac. Even before the Mac was my sole machine, I tended to use the Dell more because it has a 15 inch screen and the MacBook only had a 13 inch screen. I put Windows 7 Beta on the Dell and loved it. It was much faster booting and loading programs than Vista and I liked the updated UI. I eventually put Vista back on because the Beta has an expiration and I would have to reload Vista eventually. So having used Vista for awhile now, I have to say it isn’t that bad. It is no Windows 7 by any shape or means. But Vista has been a stable OS for me. For the things that I use my computer for Vista works well. I don’t really see why people bash on Vista and stick to XP. I personally hated XP. XP crashed and locked up on me constantly. XP was nowhere near as secure as Vista is. So in the short amount of time I have to wait until Windows 7 is released I am fine using Vista. Also, I discovered I really don’t think I am going to buy an iMac. I like the portability of a laptop. To get a laptop with this size screen in a Mac I would have to get a Macbook Pro. I am not spending that kind of money on a Mac. Mac are intel machines the same as my Dell is. There is no hardware difference. It is just cosmetic. Maybe some bells and whistles with the track pad. The main difference of course between Mac and Windows is the OS. I just don’t see myself again paying all that money for OSX. It just doesn’t make fiscal sense in these tough times to be spending the extra money. I am planing on buying a netbook. It won’t be the rumored Apple netbook, either. It will be a Dell with Windows 7 on it. If Windows 7 stays as good as the Beta was, then I don’t see myself going back to Apple for computers. iPods and iPhones, yes. But not computers. Apple is going to have to pack a whole lot of compelling new features to get me to buy another Mac. Or they will need to bring their prices down to where real life working people can afford them. So the moral of the story is that for now, “I’m a PC”.


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