Droid 1 Week Later

  I bought my Droid a week ago on the hopes I could have an awesome phone on Verizon. I am a fan of the iPhone and think that it is the best phone if you want smartphone/media/huge app store. I also am beginning to despise the closed system model, when cool apps get rejected. That aside, I have had the original iPhone and all 3 versions of the iPhone OS plus 2 Generations of iPod Touch. I have gotten tired of AT+T’s poor service in my area and gone back to Verizon only to relent and get another iPhone. I have gone back and forth for awhile now. I have also had on Verizon: Motorola Q, Blackberry Curve, BlackBerry Storm, Blackberry Curve, and finally a plain LG ENV. So I have been on Verizon with the ENV and just using my iPod Touch on WiFi. That worked ok, but when you are away from easy WiFi it is not fun. So along comes Android. I was excited about the potential of Android months ago when the G1 came out. I thought it had potential. It did not excite me enough to move to T Mobile. I told the folks at work that when Android came to Verizon it 2 things would happen. Number One, it would be a game changer on the network with the best service but worst phones and Number Two, I would have one. Well, I have had my Droid so let’s review.

   If you are happy with AT+T’s service then the Droid isn’t for you. Most of these folks have and iPhone. I do not have good AT+T service and when I do have service, there isn’t even 3G yet. Of course they charged me the new 3G Data rate when the iPhone 3G came out. So Verizon is my network of choice. The Droid is in my opinion the best phone on Verizon currently. I think Verizon has partially realized they need to get some decent phones in their line up and fast. Since I have had the Droid I have not carried my iPod at all. Some of the features I enjoy in the Droid are:
  • High Resolution Touch Screen (It is very sharp and clear)
  • Slick User Interface
  • 5.0 Megapixel Camera with Flash and Autofocus (Which makes it good for barcode scanner apps to shop for deals. Also, it does video. It works well with the Qik app, which I found out on accident when I accidentally streamed a video of my foot from my Droid to the web.)
  • Open App Development (It has most of the Apps I used daily in the Android Market already. I am sure due to the popularity of the Droid more Apps are coming. I e-mailed Audible and they say an Audible Android App is in the works. Audible has a BlackBerry App, so I thought why not Android too?)
  • Native Google Voice App (Oh snap! Google Voice on Android is awesome and it wasn’t rejected from the Android Market)
  • E-mail Integration (It loaded all my e-mail accounts with no problem. Of course it sync’ed all my data from gmail, Google Calendar, and my gmail contacts too. 
  • Slide out keyboard (Not the greatest and probably not good for folks with larger hands. I mainly use the virtual keyboard which is quite useable)
  • Google Places Directory (is a great App it shows places and services where I live which is the middle of no where.)
  • Google Listen (is a good Podcatcher and always me to listen to my favorite Podcasts on the way to work.)
  • Droid can be mounted as a drive to move files and folders from your computer. 
   There are some nice features to the Droid and I am very glad I got it. I am definitely keeping it. It will be my one device and I am ok with that. They Droid can be sync’ed with iTunes using a program called Salling Medic Sync. It works well for what I use it for. There are some downsides but not many. The Droid can get a little warm at times during heavy use. The music player isn’t as slick as an iPod/Phone but it very usable and works. The camera can be a bit quirky when starting it, I think this will be fixed in a software update next month. It is a bit heavier than an iPhone, but to me feels more durable. 
   This is just my opinion, take it for what it’s worth. I am sure of one thing though. The competition in the Smartphone space has officially begun.

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