I bought myself an iPad. I debated this for a bit before I did. I considered what benefit I might get from having one. I then decided that I was going to get the 64 GB 3G model. While I was waiting I decided to get the 64 GB WiFi model. I have WiFi at the main locations I go to. So not having 3G hasn’t been an issue for me. The iPad is more portable than my MacBook Pro. The iPad does 98% of what I use a laptop for. Personally I could get by with just a desktop computer for home and the iPad for on the road. I think it is that good. Of course it is a personal thing that fits my style of computing. Each use case is as different as the individual using the device. So it may not be for everyone. I am excited for the future of this platform as it gets further development. I will keep you posted.


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